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Gary and Sue Stratton (July 12, 2015)

Gary David Stratton is Dean of Arts and Sciences at Johnson University, where he was recently named University Professor of Worldview and Spiritual Formation. His unique commitment to integrate the life of the mind, the life of the Spirit, and the life of the arts has propelled him to an unusual career of developing cultural leaders from Hollywood to the Ivy League. He holds a PhD on the impact of Jonathan Edwards’ theology/spirituality in American higher education, and has served as VP, Dean, Director, and Professor at eight colleges and universities in the U.S. and China. In 2007 he was named Senior Fellow by the Association of Biblical Higher Education.  Gary is the former Executive Director of Act One Training for Hollywood, founder of the Hollywood Bezalel Initiative, and currently serves on the board of Compass College of Cinematic ArtsRecent speaking engagements include: Princeton Theological Seminary, the Columbia University Film Festival, the Institute for Campus Renewal at Yale University, Regent University, Messiah, Geneva, Tabor, and New Hope Colleges. Gary and his wife, Sue, have four children. You can follow Gary on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter



fa888eb2-2f16-4736-9e92-3510914315a1-220Tim Basselin is Assistant Professor in Media Arts and Worship in the newly formed Department of Media Arts and Worship at Dallas Theological Seminary. Tim received his PhD in Theology and Culture from Fuller Theological Seminary, where he studied under Rob Johnston (Reel Spirituality).  His dissertation concerned the impact Flannery O’Connor’s disability had upon her theology and writing. Tim is author of Flannery O’Connor: Writing a Theology of Disabled Humanity (2013) and recently moved from Chicago to Dallas with his wife, Robin, and their three young children. You can follow Tim on LinkedIn.






Hello, my name is Iñigo Montoya.

Iñigo Montoya is the original Two-Handed Warrior. A legendary swordsman, his lifetime of study in search of revenge led him to the level of ‘Master’ (and according to Goldman, even ‘Wizard’) of Sword-play with both his right hand and his left.  After a brief period of unemployment in Greenland, Iñigo was able to overcome alcohol addiction with the help of his lifelong friend, Fessik the Giant, and return to the business of revenge.

In the employ of Man in Black, Inc., Iñigo led one of the more remarkable princess rescues of all time. His exploits were later made into a novel and film, The Princess Bride (1987), by William Goldman, named by the Writer’s Guild of America as one of the 101 Greatest Screenplays ever written. The scene chronicling his successful assassination of the evil Count Tyrone Rugen (who murdered Iñigo’s father) is considered one of the Top 100 Movie Scenes of All-Time.

Later, Iñigo’s influence upon Gary David Stratton was key to the founding of TwoHandedWarriors.com and many other culturally influential institutions. In 2015, TwoHandedWarriors.com named Iñigo Montoya, ‘CHIEF INSPIRATOR’ for his work in inspiring two-handed warriors across Hollywood, Higher Education, and beyond.  Inigo currently serves as Dread Pirate on the pirate ship Revenge, but plans an early retirement to join Fezzik, MIB founder, Wesley and his bride Buttercup in Patagonia. He can be reached on Twitter at @IAmInigoMontoya.


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