The Millennial Teenager: An Infographic

Part 15 in series How Millennials Who Gave up on Church are Redefining Faith and Re-engaging Community

A visual representation of the dramatic cultural shifts in teenage lifestyles created by new technologies

by Michael Lemaire

For those who grew up in a world of rotary phones and dial-up Internet, it is hard to imagine that most teenagers today have no recollection of life before cell phones. In fact, these Millennials have had so much exposure to technology, cell phones and laptops and iPods have become common aspects of everyday life. Which might explain why 94 percent of Millennials have cell phones, and 70 percent have laptops.
Wondering what life is like for these technology-obsessed teens? Confused by how this generation interacts with one another? 
This amazing infographic from Online Schools offers a detailed look at the tech-savvy world of these teens and shows the old fogies what they are missing.

The Millennial Teenager
Courtesy of: Online Schools

Photo: GETTY

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