On Improving Your Writing By Copying Your Cat

by Ian Collings in Take One Step Back

After pulling an all-nighter to (barely) hit a 7 AM deadline, this just seemed too perfect. Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself. (Used by permission.)


Much like cats, writers with plot holes can solve some very serious problems with a good nap. (Photo: weirdomatic.com)

Rest and recuperation is very important for a writer. Other people in your ‘real life’ will think you’re being lazy, or task-avoiding, or simply idle. This is not the case.

A cat will plan, adapt, strategize and develop its best ideas whilst sleeping. So it is with writers.

Those tough middle-of-Act-Two-plot-holes do not get fixed by themselves and you can attend all the Creative Writing workshops that you like but nothing improves your own skills like a nap.

Most often, a writer is working at their hardest when stretched out in a hammock, a leg dangling outside, a cool Mojito in one hand and a sun hat on their face. Pure, full-on, no-holds-barred writing. Yes sir.

If you want to improve as a writer – copy your cat…

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