Actress Jenn Gotzon on NAB and the Faith ‘n Film Summit


Actress Jenn Gotzon’s unique take on the NAB Show and a chance to view conference content for free

Producer Brian Grazer with Jenn Gotzon at London's World Premiere of 'Frost/Nixon.' Watch for Jenn in 'Doonby' this Fall.

Rising star Jenn Gotzon (Frost/NixonDoonby, Hulk) provided Two Handed Warriors with a unique take on the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) and pre-show ‘Faith ‘n Film Summit.’ (Las Vegas, NV, April 10-14.)

Jenn and her husband producer/director husband Chris Armstrong (Crossroads, and ‘Crash the Superbowl’ Doritos finalist The Chase) have actually served as the “face” of NAB on billboards, magazines, and print items. (Photo below.)

The opportunity grew out the new power couple’s commitment to the value of NAB. This year marked the 5th year Chris and Jenn have joined the more than 90,000 registrants in attendance.

Jenn related how “I started attending NAB with Chris in order to support him as a filmmaker. Now, after five years, I’ve learned so much about the world of production, post and technology, that it’s been extremely helpful for my acting adventures.”

Faith ‘n Film Summit

This year the pre-NAB Show ‘Faith ‘n Film Summit’ provided Jenn and Chris with an even more intense experience. NAB partnered with the 168 Film Project–a Hollywood incubator for filmmakers of faith–to create a unique opportunity for Christian filmmakers, artists, pastors, youth leaders attending NAV seeking to grow in their filmmaking and social media expertise.

Faith ‘n Film panel, “Market Forces in Faith and Family Content,” moderated by 168 Founder John David Ware and featuring Ken Wales (Amazing Grace), Brian Bird (Touched by an Angel), Paul Crouch (TBN), and Ted Baehr (Movieguide).

Panel discussions with Christian industry insiders, specialized workshops, an inter-denominational worship service, and special screenings made for a powerful day. There was a near universal sense that the time had come for Christian filmmakers to go to the next level so that the quality of productions matches the quality of the ideas presented.

Jenn reported: “Chris and I learned so much from the extraordinarily talented panel of pro’s in Hollywood. Their wisdom, expertise, and insight helped us grow in both our understanding of story and in the next stages in innovative distribution outlets.”

Today’s NAB Virtual View: A FREE Chance to See What You Missed in Las Vegas!

Jenn and Chris posing with a larger than life photo of, well, Jenn and Chris at the NAB show

Filmmakers who couldn’t make it to Las Vegas, can take part in a special NAB online event premiering todayNAB Virtual View.

The FREE online event features all the Original Keynote Speakers, as well as a Live Q&A with key THOUGHT LEADERS, and special ON DEMAND SESSIONS.

Virtual View is part of NAB’s commitment to capture the “most desired content from the show”–the exhibitor demonstrations–and surround them with live sessions, live expert chats, and real-time buyer-seller interaction:

“While nothing replaces the face to face interaction of the show, we believe digital media professionals will garner a lot from these online demonstrations coupled with the availability of company representatives for online Q&A.”

Plus, organizers are also confident that the 90,000 professionals who DID make it to Las Vegas, will find Virtual View “a great way to revisit and reconsider products and services of interest.”

Sessions start a 10am EDT TODAY and will be available on-demand for the next 90 days.

Register here to join the day’s proceedings. It’s FREE!



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