Michael Warren, Legendary TV Writer and Producer, Shares His Greatest Influences

With over 250 episodes over 11 seasons, Happy Days exerted tremendous cultural influence and helped birth the career of filmmaker Ron Howard (right bottom)

Prolific  writer, producer, and show creator, Michael Warren, helped shape some of the most influential television programming of a generation (Family Matters, Two of a Kind, Step by Step, Perfect Strangers, Happy Days, etc.).

However, like all Two Handed Warriors, Michael’s journey toward reimagining faith and culture wasn’t accomplished alone.

I asked Michael: “Who are writers, artists, filmmakers, poets, musicians, films, books, plays, TV shows, or any other cultural artifact who have deeply influenced you and will always stick with you.”

Then I only gave him fifteen minutes to complete his list, just so we cold get it “unedited.” (Part of an ongoing series of the “Fab 15” influencers who influenced the influencers of culture.)


Here is Michael’s list of greatest influences in his own life.

Robert Bolt

The groundbreaking story of the middle class African-American Winslow family and their super annoying neighbor, Steven Urkel, ran for over 190 episodes.

Ian Thomas, The Saving Life of Christ

C. S. Lewis

John Milton

The Dick Van Dyke Show

David Lean’s Films (All of them!)

Garry Marshall

David McCullough

Star Wars (because it showed me the impact a single film could have on changing people’s worldview.)

Akira Kurosawa


Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers anchored Step by Step through 160 episodes.

Buckminster Fuller

Billy Graham


The Apostle Paul


What’s on your “Fab 15″ list?

Caveat: Your list must be comprised of culural artifacts readers woud have access to, so you can’t include your Mom, or some other leader who had a personal impact on you.

Make your list in no more than fifteen minutes and send it to us!

Michael Warren Trivia: Did you know that Michael has often served as an elder in his home (mega) church and has led numerous service trips across the globe?