Buried in Haiti rubble: 64 Hours of Unshaken Faith

Haiti’s earthquake made our family’s connection to Compassion International even more personal. One of my former students, filmmaker and Compassion worker,  Dan Woolley (Twitter Tag, @webguydan), was in Haiti at the time of the earthquake.  Dan spent the nearly three days trapped in an elevator shaft buried beneath six stories of rubble.

In his new book, Unshaken: Rising from the Ruins of Haiti’s Hotel Montana, Dan describe his work in Haiti and and the remarkable ordeal that led to his writing his goodbyes to his wife and children on his IPhone.

“I spit out the blood and dust that coats my mouth, but I can’t spit out the fear. Buried beneath six stories of rubble, the remains of what was once the Hotel Montana, I’m hanging on to the realization that I lived through an earthquake. I survived! But I also know that if I want to make it out of this black tomb alive, if I ever hope to see my family again, it will take a miracle — a series of miracles. Miracles I’m not sure I have the faith to believe in…”

To read complete click: Haiti, Raising from the Rubble.

Also available: Today Show and Fox News interviews with Dan and his wife, Christina.

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