December 11, 2014

Thirty Good to Great Christmas Movies for 2014, by Gary and Sue Stratton″>YouTube

Our annual Christmas movie extravaganza compiled from our family’s favorite Christmas movies of all time and suggestions from members of the THW community.

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December 10, 2014

3 Reasons Why a Christian Film Industry is a Really, Really Bad Idea, by Nate Flemming

A small voice crying in the wilderness, making the argument that creating a Christian film industry is absolutely the last thing that we Christians should be trying to do.

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December 9, 2014

The Bible and Women in Church Leadership: A Young Actress’s Perspective, Part 3

Part 3: Christianity’s Radically Counter-Cultural View of Gentiles, Slaves, and Women.
Could the logic of Paul’s argument actually point toward the day when women with ministry gifts can finally take their Spirit-intended place of leadership in the body of Christ?

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December 8, 2014

The Bible and Women in Church Leadership: A Young Actress’s Perspective, Part 2

Part 2: The Case Against Women in Church Leadership-Exclusion Based Upon Created Order
It is hard to avoid the conclusion that–whether by creation or the Fall–women are more gullible than men and therefore unworthy of teaching or leading the church.

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December 7, 2014

The Bible and Women in Church Leadership: A Young Actress’s Perspective, Part 1

Part 1: Confronting the Bewildering Extremes.
The role of women in church leadership causes division among my Christian friends, untold heartache among my girl friends with ministry gifts, and all too often a huge black-eye in my generation’s view of the church. In truth, it would be easier to simply duck the question, but this really isn’t a halfway proposition. I have to decide if want to join a church that fully embraces women in ministry, or one that doesn’t. To join a church that says one thing, but practices another isn’t an option for me.

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December 5, 2014

Wanna Win a Nobel Prize? Be Nice! (And Eat More Chocolate)

Surprise! Researchers who hog credit on scientific papers are less likely to win a Nobel prize than those who give younger academics a bit of the spotlight… of course it also helps to eat more chocolate!

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December 3, 2014

Parker Palmer on How to Let Your Life Speak, by Maria Popova

What it takes to learn to listen to the timid wild animal that is the soul.
“Trying to live someone else’s life, or to live by an abstract norm, will invariably fail — and may even do great damage.” -Parker Palmer

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November 30, 2014

Time to Take Hollywood to the Woodshed, by Brian Bird

When even The Hollywood Reporter wonders if this fall’s TV shows have crossed the line, it has legendary Hollywood producer Brian Bird wondering if it isn’t time to take his own industry to the woodshed.

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November 29, 2014

The Cross and the Molotov Cocktail, by Christena Cleveland

It’s relatively easy to see the suffering Christ in black men who are already dead and aren’t threatening to hurt anyone. But can you see the suffering Christ in violent responses to injustice? Can you see the cross in the Molotov cocktail?

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November 25, 2014

Can a church be too big to fail? by William Vanderbloemen

“True leadership is measured by what happens after you die.” -Myles Munroe

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November 23, 2014

Why has the Imagination been Sidelined in Literature? by Damien G. Walter

Einstein once famously proclaimed that “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Yet we find ourselves at the position today where any non STEM subject has seen a de facto obliteration of its status and funding. That’s not a criticism of STEM subjects or their creative potential, but as Einstein was trying to tell us, those subjects are at their strongest when honed by a powerful imagination.

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November 17, 2014

Becoming Matthew McConaughey: INTERSTELLAR Reflections on Fatherhood, by Aaron Niequist

While he was off trying to save the world, Cooper’s kids had to grow up without a father. It didn’t matter that he loved them…because he wasn’t there to show them. Will we make the same choice for a less noble reason?

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November 13, 2014

Jonathan Edwards in a New Light, by Pulitzer Prize Winner Marilynne Robinson

A Pulitzer prize-winning novelist writing of her intellectual debt to Jonathan Edwards in a major intellectual journal it is definitely worth a read:
“I have heard it said a thousand times that people seek out religion in order to escape complexity and uncertainty. I was moved and instructed precisely by the vast theater Edwards’s vision proposes for complexity and uncertainty…”-Marilynne Robinson

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November 11, 2014

Partnership not Persecution: A Modest Proposal for the Future of China and her Christian Intellectuals

The current spiritual awakening on Chinese campuses could provide China with its best hope for a future of peace and prosperity. The moral strength provided by genuine Christian intellectualism could help shape the People’s Republic of China into the greatest nation on earth.

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November 10, 2014

The Economist: “Religion in China – Cracks in the Atheist Edifice”

China’s Constantine Moment: After simmering in the countryside for decades, Chinese churches are exploding among young urban college educated professionals to such a degree that Chinese Christians now outnumber Communist party members. What’s an atheist state to do?

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November 8, 2014

Why Spiritual Transformation has a lot to do with the Brain, by Rob Moll

The attention required in spiritual practices like deep prayer, contemplation, study, and worship is what the brain needs to grow in lasting ways.

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November 4, 2014

Empathy, Neurochemistry, and the Dramatic Arc: Paul Zak at the Future of StoryTelling [Video]

Why do our palms sweat as we watch James Bond fight for his life? Paul Zak’s research is uncovering how stories shape our brains, tie strangers together, and move us to be more empathic, generous and connected. Part 1.

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November 2, 2014

Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling, by Paul J. Zak, PhD

We found that character-driven stories consistently cause oxytocin synthesis. Viewers will literally bond with the characters and share their emotions, and after the movie ends, they are likely to continue mimicking the feelings and behaviors of those characters.

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October 24, 2014

Shia LaBeouf’s Journey through Fury to Faith?

How a war movie, Brad Pitt, and writer/director David Ayer helped one of Hollywood’s most talented (and troubled) stars find peace.
“I found God doing Fury. I became a Christian man, and not in a f***ing bullsh*t way—in a very real way.” -Shia LaBeouf

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