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Why I am Giving Up Prayer for Lent, by Margaret Feinberg

February 23, 2015

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Lent this year and wondering how best to walk through the next seven weeks. I know people who are giving up Twitter, chocolate, and a long list of self-indulgent or addictive activities and foods. As I’ve reflected, I’ve decided to give up prayer for Lent.

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How Maya Angelou’s Class Changed My Life, by Margaret Feinberg

May 29, 2014

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Ms. Angelou captured my heart and imagination not because of her fame, accolades or literary acclaim, but because she displayed such deep, rich wisdom. Maya Angelou didn’t want us to just have information, she wanted us to take part in the process of transformation.

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Connecting to God in Hollywood, the Ivy League, and Beyond

February 25, 2014


Spiritual disciplines are designed not so much to “get you somewhere” in your career as much as to keep you alive spiritually in a constantly shifting landscape of success and failure.

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Wonderstruck: An Interview with Author Margaret Feinberg

January 3, 2013

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Living wonderstruck is about recognizing that God is busting at the seams to display His glory, might, and power in our lives—and live on the look out.

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4 Keys to Finding The Perfect Mentor You’ve Always Wanted

October 29, 2012

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A good mentor is hard to find. Here’s where to start your search. by Margaret Feinberg Over the years, I’ve found some incredible mentors in my life—people who have spoken words of wisdom and guidance into our marriage, finances, personal life, and ministry. These people have left me wonderstruck by the richness they’ve added into […]

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Two Handed Warriors Named to CT’s ’50 Women You Should Know’

October 22, 2012


Part One in Series “Women of Faith in Leadership” Posted by Gary David Stratton, Senior Editor Congratulations to Two Handed Warrior contributors Margaret Feinberg and Rachel Held Evans for their inclusion in Christianity Today’s “50 Women You Should Know” (below).  In truth, many if not most of the women on CT’s list are true Two Handed […]

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A Divine Masquerade: The Beauty Behind the Mask, by Margaret Feinberg

March 7, 2012


If we were to take off our masks and give ourselves wholly revealing the beautiful work of God in our lives, then what might God do? by Margaret Feinberg Confession: Masks sometimes scare me. Though the artistic flair of a masquerade half mask can be spectacular, full masks make me uncomfortable. Not only is there mystery in […]

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Two Handed Warriors at Eight Months

July 10, 2011

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Reflections on the Relaunch of Two Handed Warriors Dear Two Handed Warrior Community, When Sue and I first launched Two Handed Warriors eight months ago we never could have imagined how many people would connect with our theme. All we had was a deep conviction that an unnecessary dichotomy between faith and culture has plagues both […]

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Social Media Advice for Churches: Lauren Hunter’s Interview with Margaret Feinberg

July 6, 2011

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by Lauren Hunter @ChurchTechToday When I attended the Bayside Thrive conference last month, I had the pleasure of attending a break out session called, “Social Media Bootcamp” where I met Margaret Feinberg, acclaimed Christian author of two dozen books and multiple Bible studies. She was gracious enough to let me interview her about how the Church must view, […]

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Is Jesus Still Surrounded by Too Many Men? By Cathleen Falsani

June 29, 2011


Why is Margaret Feinberg the most influential young woman leader in evangelicalism you’ve never heard of? Cathleen Falsani and Margaret Feinberg are two of my favorite authors and bloggers. Last week they tag-teamed for a thought-provoking article on the future of female leadership in evangelicalism. I came away more determined than ever to seek to […]

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Danger! Angry Blogger: The Apostle Paul’s Cyber-Relationship Checklist, by Gary David Stratton

April 4, 2011


“Christians are routinely taught by example and word that it is more important to be right than to be Christlike. In fact, being right licenses you to be mean, indeed, requires you to be mean.” -Dallas Willard, Renovation of the Heart . So many people have asked Sue and I to weigh-in on the Rob […]

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Rob Bell’s New Book: Does Love Even Have a Chance of Winning? by Margaret Feinberg

March 16, 2011


  I asked Margaret Feinberg if I could repost her thoughtful response to Rob Bell’s book release interview with Lisa Miller on Monday. She is one of my favorite authors and bloggers and I think she raises all the right questions about what we can learn from this entire episode regardless of where you stand […]

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Tuesdays with Tozer / Wednesdays with Walter, by Margaret Feinberg

January 24, 2011

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Margaret Feinberg has written more than two dozen books including the critically-acclaimed The Organic God, The Sacred Echo, Scouting the Divine.

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Ten Most Beautiful Books I Read During the Last Decade, by Margaret Feinberg

January 5, 2011


Margaret Feinberg, prolific author whose books include Scouting the Divine and the critically-acclaimed The Organic God offers her top ten books of the past decade.

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