Game of Loans: Democratic Support for Debt-Free College Growing, by Michael Stafford

Game of Loans: Interest is Coming

“The several debt-free proposals out there reflect both widespread concern about the cost of college and the Democrats’ desire to ensure that young voters go to the polls in 2016.” -Terry Hartle, American Council on Education

By Michael Stratford • Inside Higher Education

loans (1)As the idea of debt-free college swirls around the Democratic presidential campaign and some liberal policy circles, the groups that represent colleges and universities are sizing up what it might mean for them.

For the most part, they’re just waiting to see details. So far, debt-free college remains a largely high-minded goal, and the plans from the politicians embracing it have been vague. (see, What Democrats are saying about Debt-Free college).

What is clear, though, is that a shift to debt-free college would likely represent a fundamental change from the current financing system of American higher education.

“It’s potentially a really far-reaching, dramatic reshuffling of higher education,” said Terry Hartle, senior vice president for government relations and public affairs at the American Council on Education.

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