Hillsong United Movie “Let Hope Rise” To Be Released Nationwide September 30, by Phil Cooke, PhD


The world needs to see why worship music is impacting millions of people around the globe.

by Phil Cooke • Executive Producer “Let Hope Rise”

I’ve been privileged to be an Executive Producer on the feature film “Let Hope Rise,” that tells the story of the world’s most popular worship band – Hillsong United, based at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia.  The picture is finally locked, and as Deadline Hollywood reports, Relativity Media will be releasing the movie to theaters nationwide starting September 30th (originally scheduled for May 29).

We’re proud of the band, the movie, and thrilled that a global audience will see the story of a church worship band that’s sold out venues like The Hollywood Bowl, Red Rocks,Madison Square Garden, and other world-class venues.  The film gets to the heart of what motivates them to do it and the challenges they face in the process.

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