Top British University Christian Club Bans Women From Speaking at Meetings

Part 10 in series: Women of Faith in Leadership

Christian student group at top research university creates unintended firestorm

by Lucy Sherriff

Historic Bristol University students’ union will investigate whether the Christian Union broke its rules on equality. (Photograph: Sam Frost)
A university’s Christian society has banned women from speaking at events and teaching at meetings, unless they are accompanied by their husband, it has been revealed.
The Bristol University Christian Union (BUCU) had originally decided women would be allowed to teach at meetings after their international secretary resigned in protest, but the group has since changed its policy.
The Huffington Post UK has seen the email sent out by president Matt Oliver to all BUCU members which said: “It is ok for women to teach in any CU setting… However we understand that this is a difficult issue for some and so decided that women would not teach on their own at our weekly CU meetings, as the main speaker on our Bristol CU weekend away, or as our main speaker for mission weeks.
“But a husband and wife can teach together in these.”

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