How do I “break in” as a screenwriter in Hollywood? Phone Seminar Opportunity with Brennan Mark Smith

How do I “break in” as a screenwriter in Hollywood?

It is perhaps the most asked question on the Two Handed Warrior website contact page.

Screenwriter, screenwriting consultant, and Two Handed Warrior contributor Brennan Mark Smith thinks he knows the answer…

You perform like a professional, consistently developing marketable concepts and delivering dynamic scripts.  Otherwise, you might as well be self-publishing or selling insurance.

But how do I get my script to that level?

BREN’S ANSWER: Begin with the right focus, and the right tools to keep you on track

And where do I start? 

Join Bren on a conference call Seminar this Monday night. 

Brennan Mark Smith “Pre-Script Pro-Strategy” Screenwriting Seminar

Bren has studied the craft of screenwriting for over a decade, and as a Story Analyst and mentor for keys2scriptsuccess, Epiphany Space and Act One Program he has provided solid direction (not simply coverage but in-depth analysis and story-shaping tools) for over 100 writers, helping them take their projects to the next level.

In this 90 minute seminar, Bren will deliver practical information to guide your development into a professional screenwriter.  He will help you develop:

  • Your professional mindset (in the new realities of moviemaking)
  • Your “Toybox”  (fuel your passion and screenwriting voice)
  • Your “Toolbox” (consistent screenwriting principles for concept development to basic structure to keep your writing on track)

Bren will also discuss screenwriting for the difficult Christian market.  It will be a fire hose of beginning and advanced concepts you won’t want to miss.

July 23, 6pm PACIFIC TIME  (That’s 9pm EASTERN)

To Register, visit:


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