Mobile Faith: The Leading Spiritual iPhone Apps, by Jane R. Johnson

Seek sources of inspiration and solace from divine technology

by Jane R. Johnson

Technology makes our lives much easier in a variety of ways. Today our phones help us shop, locate the best deals, budget our finances, and stay on top of the latest news. However, technology can help on a much deeper level as well, by helping us explore our personal growth with spiritual and self-help apps. The following list of leading spiritual apps can help you exercise a little self love by putting you in touch with your spiritual needs:

1. Meditator ($2.99)

Try a few rounds of Om the next time you’re stressed out due to an anxiety-ridden day on the job—just Zen out by launching the Mediator app. You can set the timer to whatever length of meditation time you prefer, and choose one of four natural, ambient soundscapes designed to enhance your natural breathing, meditation, and relaxation moment.

2. Live Happy ($0.99)

This totally blissful smart phone app was featured in both The New York Times and SELF Magazine for its positive benefits, as well as on websites like iVillage, VitalJuice and Live Happy is a happiness app that guides users through a set of scientifically-proven, mood-boosting daily activities scientifically proven to chase away negative thoughts and boost your long term joy and mental health. Tap into the secret of self-confidence as Live Happy helps enhance your quality of life each time you use it.

3. Gratitude Journal – Your Positive Thoughts ($0.99)

John Tesh featured this app on his show and couldn’t say enough good things. The Gratitude Journal app challenges users to record five things you are grateful for each day of your life for one month. The idea is that the more you surround yourself with positivity—the more positive your overall perception of life and mental health will be. In addition to text entries, the Gratitude Journal app lets you snap and upload photo entries to accompany your daily recordings or just as sources of positive inspiration.

4. iBlue Sky ($9.99)

The iBlue Sky app is lets users create digital mind maps, or diagrams that represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or theme. When we’re always on the go, it’s difficult to really spend time concentrating and developing our ideas and dreams. With iBlue Sky, you can jot down your thoughts whenever they spring to mind, and explore them more deeply later to help interpret your dreams, understand your pattern behaviors, and improve yourself.

5. Bible Verse of the Day ($0.99)

The Bible Verse of the Day app delivers a different Bible verse to your smart phone every day for your spiritual growth and spiritual learning. Regardless of if you’re on the bus, at your desk, or on your lunch break, you can attend to your Christian spiritual development and search over 100 versions of the Bible until you find a verse that fits your mood or situation.


Jane Johnson is a writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news, commentary, reviews on popular providers and service like WiFi calling.

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