Forget The Church, Follow Jesus: ‘Reverts’ Return to their Childhood Religions

Part 12 in series How Millennials Who Gave up  on Church are Redefining Faith and Re-engaging Community

Two articles in national media today picked up on some of the same themes as  this week’s THW theme, albeit from rather different perspectives.

Forget The Church, Follow Jesus


by Andrew Sullivan

If you go to the second floor of the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., you’ll find a small room containing an 18th-century Bible whose pages are full of holes. They are carefully razor-cut empty spaces, so this was not an act of vandalism. It was, rather, a project begun by Thomas Jefferson when he was 77 years old. Painstakingly removing those passages he thought reflected the actual teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Jefferson literally cut and pasted them into a slimmer, different New Testament, and left behind the remnants (all on display until July 15). What did he edit out?

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‘Reverts’ return to their childhood religions

by Cathy Lynn Grossman

Bruce and Elizabeth Boling attend a Baptist church in Tennessee. (By Jeff Adkins, for USA TODAY )

Bruce Boling will celebrate Easter Sunday this weekend among Southern Baptists, just as he did when he prayed at a tiny Kentucky church where his family filled half the pews.

After decades away from faith, “I slowly began to see what I was missing was the relationship with God that I could find in my church,” says Boling, 45, settled in with a little Baptist congregation in Hendersonville, Tenn.

Lydia Scrafano’s heart will again thrill to hear Catholic hymns sounding on a great pipe organ, just as she did as a child in Detroit.

“I missed it all. I missed taking communion with a priest. I missed the stained glass. I missed the Virgin Mary,” says Scrafano, 55, who has reconnected with her faith through a Catholic church in Williamsburg, Va.

Like many Christians and Jews, Boling and Scrafano drifted — or marched — away from the religion of their childhood.

Then, unlike most, they came back.

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