Merry Christmas!

As Christmas in the Stratton household comes to a close with the traditional watching of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Sue and I wanted to express to you the joy and gratitude that fills our hearts this evening as we think of YOU!


Last year we could barely scrape together a hundred members of the Two Handed Warrior community to whom we could wish Merry Christmas. We were just a few weeks into a modest website devoted to the thin hope of connecting “culture-makers” and “faith-builders” in a vibrant conversation. We NEVER could have imagined just how many people were hungry for just such a conversation.


So tonight, as we prepare to officially relaunch Two Handed Warriors 2.0 in the next few weeks we are full of gratitude for those of you who have walked with us on this journey. It has really been a Wonderful Life!


Merry Christmas!
Gary and Sue Stratton
Senior and Contributing Editors


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  1. Gary, I have really appreciated your posts on “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We have a similar journey – Char and I were newlyweds when we stumbled upon the movie for the first time. I recall the first time we watched it we began at the 1928 dance. We watch the movie more than once each Christmas and are always blessed by it. Your analysis brought deeper meaning. Thanks! Tim

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