Actress Jenn Gotzon Skyrockets to Number Two on IMDB STARmeter


Frequent film festival award winner and now feature film star Jenn Gotzon.

Actress JENN GOTZON (IMDb) hit No. 2 on IMDb’s volatile STARmeter hot list this week. (Available online thru IMDb Pro or on IMDB’s Iphone or Android app).





The #2 STARmeter ranking is a popularity measure based solely upon who had the most IMDb profile views in a given week. Movie openings, DVD releases, news stories, trade magazine attention, and gossip columns can dramatically shift rankings from week to week. While not a measure of enduring “star power” or name recognition, it does give an idea of who is in the public eye each week.[1]

For the week of 5/15 Jenn came in #2 just behind actor Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and just ahead of 2011 Academy Award-winner Natalie Postman.

Jenn’s husband Chris woke her with the news on the morning of her birthday:

My first reaction was WHATTTT?!!… you gotta be kidding me, this is insane!  We were both super stunned and shocked. I’m still shocked.”

Only ‘Thor’ star Chris Hemsworth had more IMDB profile views than Jenn the week of 5/15








After minor roles in ‘Frost/Nixon,’ ‘The Hulk,’ and ‘Role Models,’ Jenn landed the lead in the feature film ‘Doonby‘ currently making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival. The controversial film features real life Roe v. Wade plaintiff Norma McCorvey in a pro-life role, and highlights the depth of Jenn’s acting talent.

Jenn pointed to the blessing of being in ‘Doonby’ and the buzz it is generating:

“What a birthday gift to have my breakout feature film role garner so much attention at Cannes. I truly hope this story really continues to impact viewers across the world.”

According the Jenn’s manager Scotty Dugan Jenn’s increased notoriety began with a full-page article on ‘Doonby’ in The Hollywood Reporter’s Cannes issue. The Hollywood Reporter’s additional article on the marketing of Doonby, and a new trailer for Jenn’s mystery drama helped create a ‘perfect storm’ of interest in the bright new talent. So has the fact that Jenn has four films in which she stars due out this fall and winter.

Jenn was prepared for ‘Doonby’s’ Cannes buzz to give her ratings somewhat of a bump, but nothing like this!

“We were just excited to see ‘Doonby’ develop huge buzz, raising last week’s Starmeter rating all the way to #196! (Laugh). Neither of us would have ever imagined that this week’s result would be #2.”

Jenn with “Doonby’ co-star John Schneider.

Acting careers are notoriously meteoric–‘hot’ one week to ‘not’ the next–but for now, Jenn Gotzon’s star is up. Way up. Still, Jenn confided: “I’m a bit about nervous next week’s rankings, because I have no idea what to expect. I know I should anticipate a few zeros behind this weeks #2. (Laughter)”

Scotty Dugan acknowledges that Jenn’s #2 rating won’t last forever, but is confident that it is the first step in launching her career to a new level:

“Jenn may be knocked off by ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ lead Penélope Cruz. But STARmeter or no STARmeter, Jenn Gotzon’s ship has the wind in its sail.”

Please pray for Jenn and her husband Chris Armstrong as they navigate the turbulent waters of Hollywood.


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[1] IMDb’s description: “STARmeter rankings provide a snapshot of who’s popular based on the searches of millions of IMDb users. Updated weekly, these rankings also graph the popularity of people over time and determine which events affect public awareness.”

3 Replies to “Actress Jenn Gotzon Skyrockets to Number Two on IMDB STARmeter”

  1. I met Jenn at the Film & Faith Summit 2012 and was so impressed by her quiet encouragement of everyone else and humility over her own achievements.

    I’d just produced my first short film as an unknown newbie and Jenn was as encouraging as could be.

    Go for it Jenn, keep getting those lead roles and high ratings!

    Doug Braddock

  2. From Jenn Gotzon via Facebook

    Some friends inquired to how / why i landed #2 on IMDb – after the shock of it all – catching our 'OMG' breath, we evaluated believing it was a result from everyone's marketing efforts rallying for Doonby The Movie at Cannes. My manager-publicist (former journalist at The Hollywood Reporter) shared the news to his entire rolodex of a gazillion people across the world about me playing the lead role in this controversial movie… immediately after The Hollywood Reporter broke the film's controversial news one week before Cannes… which followed another story in The Hollywood Reporter about Soul Surfer, Doonby and post production dressing my character digitally due to wardrobe malfunction, trade magazine Variety's listing me in Doonby, along with other newspapers talking about my starring roles in my other upcoming features Alone Yet Not Alone, DRAGON DAY, September Skies, Dante's Inferno Documented, and 'Gods Country' due out this fall/winter.
    my manager shared all this exciting news with everyone in the industry, in every nation, worldwide introducing them to me as the lead actress in Doonby inviting them to attend the special preview in Cannes.
    We never-ever could imagine that all the traffic to my imdb page would create this type of result..

    It was a miraculous and completely unexpected moment in my career's adventures. . . the irony was it landed on my birthday making it the best divine birthday gift ever which I will forever thank God for this precious gift. May everyone be encouraged that our worth is not by a 'rank' (in school, work, family or on an industry website called IMDb) but by how much we love and serve others. — in a few hours, imdb will post this week's data ranking me many digits higher. LOL.

    Thank you again to everyone who emailed, facebooked, tweeted cheering words of adoration celebrating this historical moment in my career. Thank you all so much and may God bless you sweetly throughout this season.

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