The Myth of the Starving Artist – Survey of 13,000 Arts Program Grads Reveals Fulfillment and (gasp) Employment!

First major survey of arts grads finds that, despite low pay, respondents report high levels of employment and fulfillment.

by Dan Berrett in Inside Higher Ed – May 3, 2011

Relax Dad, while few arts program grads are rich, most find happiness and a modicum of success

Conventional wisdom has long-held that pursuing a career in the arts is a likely ticket to a life of perennial unhappiness, hunger and unemployment. But the opposite appears to be true — graduates of arts programs are likely to find jobs and satisfaction, even if they won’t necessarily get wealthy in the process — according to a new national survey of more than 13,000 alumni of 154 different arts programs…

The results of the survey, which are being released today, may offer some measure of succor to parents who are anxious about their children’s artistic aspirations. And, while the survey may help arts programs defend against accusations that they produce an oversupply of soon-to-be-discouraged artists, they also suggest areas — particularly in the area of career preparation — in which these programs can improve…

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