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Parody of Rob Bell and His Critics in Sing Off? 168 Film Festival Winner ‘Love is Good’

March 31, 2011

9th Annual 168 Film Festival Begins Tonight In honor of tonight’s opening of the 168 Film Festival I wanted to share a clip from a past festival winner that struck me as eerily relevant to the current controversy swirling around love, hell, and Rob Bell (not necessarily in that order.) As my family was going through […]

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Good Will Hunting and the Rob Bell Controversy: Using our ‘brilliance’ to tear others apart

March 27, 2011

I’ve read a lot of great responses regarding what the Rob Bell controversy teaches us about the current state of “Christian-Christian” relationships in America.  None is better than this post by one of my favorite former students, 20-something blogger, and friend Mike Friesen. He reminds us that sometimes Hollywood echoes the truth of “Knowledge puffs up, […]

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Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church

March 24, 2011

I’ve had quite a bit of interest in Kenda Creasy Dean‘s work since last week’s post on Saint Patrick and the Missional Future of Christian Higher Education.  I highly encourage you to read her entire book Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church. However, this interview with Kenda by […]

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Allah: A Christian Response – TOJ’s Interview With Miroslav Volf on Christian-Muslum Understanding

March 22, 2011

Whether you agree with his perspective or not, God has uniquely prepared Miroslav Volf to be a voice of reason and Christlike compassion in the politicized world of Muslim-Christian relations. . A VOICE ACROSS THE GREAT CHASM by Chris Keller & Miroslav Volf in The Other Journal. (Used by permission.) Miroslav Volf, the Henry B. Wright Professor […]

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Rob Bell’s New Book: Does Love Even Have a Chance of Winning? by Margaret Feinberg

March 16, 2011

  I asked Margaret Feinberg if I could repost her thoughtful response to Rob Bell’s book release interview with Lisa Miller on Monday. She is one of my favorite authors and bloggers and I think she raises all the right questions about what we can learn from this entire episode regardless of where you stand […]

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University Decision to Cut Tuition 10 Percent Every Year Sparks Debate Over College Costs

March 16, 2011

The University of the South, better known as Sewanee, is reducing the cost to attend the school next year by 10 percent… and turning the business of college upside down.

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N.T. Wright on Heaven, Hell, and Universalism

March 15, 2011

New Testament scholar N.T. Wright has been a great help to my wife Sue and I (she’s the biblical scholar) in developing a much more nuanced understanding of the First Century Jewish world into which most of the NT was addressed. If you believe that the primary meaning of biblical texts is found in what […]

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Study Claims Colleges Failing to Produce Politically and Civically Engaged Citizens

March 14, 2011

New study by right leaning Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) shows civic leadership lacking in college grads. Wilmington, DE – Typical college mission statements normally include aspirations to cultivate informed citizens who are politically active and engaged.  A startling new report on civic literacy statistically proves that these goals are not achieved by U.S. colleges and […]

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Revisiting the Value of Elite Colleges: Why that Pricey School May Not Payoff Like You Hoped

March 14, 2011

A decade ago, two economists published a research paper arguing that elite colleges did not seem to give most graduates an earnings boost. A new version of the study, covering data from 19,000 students, comes to the same conclusion.

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Tough Questions for Christian Colleges: The End of the (Evangelical) World As We Know It, by Richard Flory

March 10, 2011

Richard Flory, one of my very bright former colleagues at a stalwart CCCU school, is currently associate research professor of sociology and senior research associate at the University of Southern California’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture. In the aftermath of the Rob Bell universalism controversy Richard is asking some very tough questions confronting leaders of […]

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How to Know You Belong in Hollywood: Creative Personalities Really are More Complex

March 8, 2011

Cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman offers some good news for Hollywood Creatives who feel as if you have multiple personality disorder–YOU DO! Well, sort of. Drawing upon the research of Claremont Graduate University professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Kaufman reports in the Huffington Post that “Creativity researchers… have long-ago accepted the fact that creative people are complex. Almost by definition, […]

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Love Wins? The Irony of the Rob Bell Universalism Controversy

March 6, 2011”

“Love Wins” may be the most ironic title in the history of Christian publishing. No matter how you slice it, love is the one thing that is NOT winning in this advance publication chatter. Gauge the intensity of the battle raging on the internet and it becomes immediately obvious that something else is a stake than asking whether or not Gandhi is in hell.

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The Adjustment Bureau: Fate and Free Will, by Carl Kozlowski

March 5, 2011

Carl Kozlowski is a journalist and standup comedian who recently won the World-Famous Laugh Factory’s “America’s Funniest Reporter” Contest.   . Writer-director George Nolfi discusses the spiritual takeaway of his new film George Nolfi is one of Hollywood’s rising writers of intelligent action films, having had a hand in The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean’s Twelve. Working with Matt […]

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Hipster Christianity: Can Following Jesus be ‘Cool’, by Bret McCracken

March 4, 2011

In his new book, ‘Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide’ (Baker, 2010) Brett McCracken continues the generations-old conversation about the relationship between Christ and culture; exploring the preoccupation of some churches with being relevant, trendy, and, well, hip. Can churches be cool without becoming lukewarm?

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Monica Macer, Writer for LOST, Prison Break, Teen Wolf, Shares Her Inspiration

March 3, 2011

Monica Macer got her big break as a staff writer on the first season of the ABC hit show “LOST.” Monica then spent two seasons on the Fox show, “Prison Break” before moving on to NBC’s “Knight Rider.” Monica is currently serving on the writing staff of MTV’s scripted show “Teen Wolf” as a co-producer.

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Seven Ways Leaders Lose Authority with Students, by Tim Elmore

March 2, 2011

Ongoing Series: Two Handed Warrior Authors and Leaders you should know Dr. Tim Elmore is the founder and president of Growing Leaders, an Atlanta-based non-profit organization created to develop emerging leaders. Through Growing Leaders, he and his team provide public schools, state universities, civic organizations and corporations with the tools they need to help develop young […]

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Bono Interview: Grace over Karma

March 1, 2011

Religion can be the enemy of God. It’s often what happens when God, like Elvis, has left the building.

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