Join the National Collegiate Day of Prayer This Thursday (2/24)

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Jeremy Story, President of Campus Renewal Ministries

Jeremy Story is one of the leading voices of the next generation of culture-makers in America. Jeremy is president of Campus Renewal Ministries, a nonprofit organization working to build missional communities that transform college campuses with the gospel of Jesus through forging prayer and ministry partnerships between student leaders, college professors, campus ministry, and local church leaders.

While he was a student at the University of Texas, God gave Jeremy a vision for transformation of campus through united prayer and ministry partnerships between campus ministries and local churches.  In one of the most remarkable developments on American campuses in recent years, Since that time the percentage of the U.T. student body that is following Christ doubled in a few short years.

Since graduating, Jeremy founded Campus Renewal Ministries and has worked to encourage and train Christian ministry and church leaders on campuses across the nation and world to fervently pray and work together to transform college students and the society these students graduate to lead.  Jeremy worked with hundreds of campuses and has personally traveled to over 40 states and worked on 5 continents towards this vision.  Along the way he has consulted with and trained CEO’s of collegiate non-profits all the way to hundreds of local campus ministers.

In 2008, Jeremy and his wife Jenny felt such a strong calling to campuses in the northeast in general and the Ivy League in particular, that they moved their family of seven to New York City to begin a new phase of Campus Renewal Ministries’ work. God has given Jeremy great favor in the city of New York and one of the outcomes is the partnership he has helped forge in the rebirth of the National Collegiate Day of Prayer.

Read Jeremy’s letter below and see if you might want to take part in person, or on the internet.

An Invitation to Join the National Collegiate Day of Prayer

Throughout American history our colleges have been repeatedly blessed and transformed by intense seasons of spiritual awakening.

Dear Two Handed Warriors,

I wanted to encourage you to participate in a nationwide event to which I have been giving leadership.  It is a cooperative effort God organically brought about through relationships  with other national ministry leaders.  Two years ago we first met here in New York City and God really impressed upon us to revive this event which had died out in our nation100 years ago.

It is all about mobilizing our nation to pray for colleges and college students.  It is not just a student event.  I would guess that more adults by far participate than young adults on campuses.

Please pass this on to others.  We are hoping to have every campus in America adopted and prayed for by name.  You can go to the site and see what campuses have been adopted and who is praying where in the nation on Feb 24th.

For more info, visit the Collegiate Day of Prayer website.


Jeremy W. Story, President, Campus Renewal Ministries


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